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Anderson Silva is inarguably the best fighter in the UFC and I fail to recognize how his antics in the ring can embarrass anyone. You are either for or against Anderson Silva in reference to his behavior UFC 112 and found it embarrassing to Silva and or the UFC organization, but I challenge you to challenge this...
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When you are the best and you "know it" you tend to get a little cocky and there's nothing wrong with that. Show boating as its called is in almost every sport. ie. football, basketball and boxing.

If anyone should be embarrassed it should be Silva at the least and Maia and the UFC's Dana White the most.

Anderson Silva the least, because he recognizes his own skill level, Dana White and Maia the most for not recognizing Silva's skill level and not executing. Aww come on - Dana White has to recognize Silva's skill level. Exactly and that's what's so embarrassing about the actual match-up.

So where did this cockiness come from? It came from Maia not doing what he said he was going to do. For someone to boast about doing something and not executing it in the ring is very frustrating to a fighter who wants to put on a great show and at the same time showcase their own skills.

Dana White shouldn't be upset at Anderson wanting to put on a show, because the mere fact that the show wasn't put on led Anderson to make it a show. Whether it was a show that White wanted to see...thats a different story, so perhaps they should put better fight cards together knowing that Anderson Silva is the best.

Silva enjoys entertaining his fans using his skill set in the octagon and when that fails to happen he apologizes for it. So, as a fighter it's frustrating to not get that opportunity when you have a opponent with no skill in front of you. Now that's not to say that Maia has no skill - but to that of Silva - its definitely classified as no skill.

Until the UFC recognizes that Anderson Silva will make every opponent look silly...he will continue to showboat in the UFC. Give him the competition and respect you know he needs and deserves as the best in the UFC.


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