Snoring Match: Slice vs Alexander



Kimbo Slice made his debut appearance in the UFC via Ultimate Fighter against Houston Alexander. One of the most slowest ultimate fighter fights aired on the Spike network. When you think Kimbo Slice, you think of his youtube videos "bare-knuckle & action packed"!! After watching this match-up I personally felt like throwing on my trunks and gloves to head on over to the Ultimate Fighter try-outs...I mean is that it...seriously!?

Houston circled the octagon as Kimbo anxiously followed behind...Houston stuck to his game plan and landed some early round inside leg kicks "but thats about it". These kicks didn't seem to phase Slice at all in the first round, but as the second round pressed on with some of the same action that occurred in the first round Slice appeared to be limping forward.

Not to dog on Kimbo, his ground game has come a long way...his match up against Alexander proves at least that much. Slice cleaned up some of his "Keven Randleman" like slams with some heavy elbows, but to no avail as the fight pressed on. Kimbo still has a long way to go and to say that Kimbo has a future in the UFC is saying a lot. He has a lot more work to do if he wants to be a household UFC name. That includes more ground work and definitely more endurance training and ground game training.

So if any one is wondering..."did Alexanders game plan work?" Well maybe, after all he did last three five minute rounds with the YouTube phenom Kimbo Slice. All that was left out of the game plan was actually obtaining a "W" and after hurting your opponent you might want to get on him before he recovers..!?!? I'm just saying you had a chance pal.

We will see a lot more from mister Slice, hopefully he has what it takes to be a household UFC name like Rampage Whackson....whoops Jackson that is.


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