Dana White by his own admission crowns Anderson Silva as the best pound for pound fighter in the world and then threatens to fire him. This has to be a joke - the biggest April Fools joke in MMA history. "fire Anderson" Riiiiight!?! - AND THEN WHAT? Let him return like Chuck, Ortiz, and Jackson. Maybe they were not fired but hey its all the same...they are back!!

White mentions that he talked to Anderson Silva about his performance but failed to relay to Jim Rome what was actually said during their discussion. "I wish I could- I wish I could explain to you and to the fans and to the people who bought that fight wha--why he did it and what was going on..."

What do you mean you wish you could explain? There was a discussion right? Well what did he say? That's what we MMA fans want to know. We want to know what was said so we can all come to the conclusion that we were right. That a fight card was put together and Anderson Silva felt insulted by it. We just want the closure.

I've stated this before in a previous post...Silva wants competition and he wants to put on a show. There is no reason for Silva to apologize and personally I am glad he didn't. You can't blame a fighter for wanting to put on a show and at most 'wanting competition" as a means to showcase their own skills. You give him someone he can kill easily then that's whats going to happen. By Dana Whites own admission..."look at a guy like Anderson Silva absolutely demolished Rich Franklin twice, destroyed Nate Mark Hart...went up to 205 and destroyed the guys there". Exactly, so why allow Anderson Silva to fight individuals that we don't want to see. We as fans want to see mainstream fighters fight mainstream fighters.

When asked what was going on with Silva - White responded with "I had the talk with him - I I Think - personally I really believe that he was embarrassed by what happen that night...".

I disagree with Whites statement because in previous fights when Anderson Silva performed poorly and not to the expectations of his fans - he would express his apologies after the fight, which didn't happen after UFC112.

We are all left out in dark on this one...I mean what was the exact purpose of Silva's behavior? Was it to prove a point? Was it to further establish to the UFC organization that perhaps they need to put together better fight cards in consideration to Silva's unmatched talent? We will never know or at least White won't share the true nature of the conversation they had. That leads us to only guess what was said...

In closing, Anderson Silva is a self seller, so even without the UFC backing Silva's name, the name would sell itself. Nothing can be taken away from Anderson Silva's accomplishments in the industry.


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