Jake Shields future in the air




Following arguably his biggest win of his career, in his first title defenses against his idol Dan Henderson. Champion Jake Shields who believes he has been underappreciated with the organization, with his possible free agency pending in the balance and not many answers.

Shields who headlined last nights Strikeforce, Nashville card, against challenger and MMA legend Dan Henderson, Shields entered the fight on a 13-fight winning streak yet was still considered the underdog to most MMA fans. Although that was quickly put to rest, as the champion scored 5 of 9 take-down attempts and easily took the mount on the challenger, as Shields would succeed on the mount position 11 times in the 5 round fight a outstanding number taking that Henderson is a former Olympic wrester.

The next question for Shields now comes about his future in the sport and where it will take place, Strikeforce has a one-fight option they can activate, or the two sides can discuss a long term deal to keep Shields on board with the company.

Or there’s more options out there for Shields who may now be consider on some top pound for pound list. The one option that could make sense is a jump to the biggest MMA company in the world in the UFC, as company president Dana White as expressed interests in Shields, who can fight at either middleweight, (185 lbs) or welterweight, (170) where champions Georges St Pierre, and Anderson Silva respectfully hold the titles. A more that could make sense for both Shields and the UFC could be a move to the UFC welterweight division, where champion Georges St Pierre, fresh of his defeat of top contender Dan "The Outlaw Hardy“ cleaning out the division Shields could provide a new contender to St Pierre.

With no one sure what will happen not even Shields him self, its tough to speculate what might happen. But  now on a 14-fight winning streak with wins over fighters such as, Dan Henderson, Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, and Jason "Mayhem“ Miller, during the streak. One thing is for sure that Jake Shields deserves some respect, and to be included in the top pound for pound best.


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