Kimbo Slice "You Are The Weakest Link"



You know what I have always wondered - what it would take to get kicked out of the UFC. I mean how does Dana White drop the pimp hand when its time to serve walking papers.

Well after Kimbo Slices' poor performance "I NOW SEE". Kimbo really needs to get a grip...the UFC is not like the back yard brawls he is use to and some may even argue, if there were no rules in the UFC Kimbo would wreck shop on them boyz, but I doubt it partner.

His training camp at Mc-Donalds is not doing him any justice. I mean c'mon -  the boy has poor ground game yet he attempts the take downs - why? I know what your thinking. "Kimbo can down his opponent and then make it rain." No No No, that is not good enough! You know why - because his cardio SUCKS...why expend energy "trying" to make it rain. You won't see Big Country trying to put a triangle on an opponent "I mean he's kinda you know..." He should have worked the stand up game and had defense for the kicks.

Kimbo has a bum knee and I have heard people mention something about arthritis, which means his knee(s) will forever be a target in every single fight. As I mentioned, If I were Kimbo, I would have been working on my cardio and protecting my lower body from kicks via parry. That's just me!

Look, I can't take what Kimbo has accomplished away from him, but as a person who wanted him to succeed and prove everyone wrong, its very disappointing that he couldn't/didn't deliver. He got knocked out by a tooth fairy,  gets knocked out by minestrone - sorry not very good with names - I mean give me a break. Dana White has given him every opportunity to prove himself and he goes down like a 300 lb woman stepping off a curb with a bad hip...its just pitiful.

So whats next for good ole Bimbo Slice - Kimbo Slice that is - I guess its back to the dark alleys, hangers and backyards. Then again, him being a registered professional fighter -  being video taped on youtube would probably cause him more harm than good. I don't think he needs that kind of publicity - unless he wants to go out like Mike Tyson. Just don't bite anyone home boy.


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