Hot Headed Paul Smetex Daley



Daley apologized for the cheap shot after the bell which doesn't excuse his actions.

Daley got dominated and couldn't develop an effective game plan to Koschecks superior wrestling abilities. So what do you do in this sucker punch his ass!! Really...that's one way to show good sportsmanship...NOT!

Daley even boasted about having a game plan for Koscheck whether it be stand up or ground. It didn't seem that way, he let his ego/temper/cockiness get the best of him in this event and it cost him big time.

Donald Trump aka Dana White has since fired Daley from the organization. really messed up Paul, not only will you not get the recognition you errr derserve. That has to suck...go fight for Strike Force with Kimbo Slice. We all know they need the help.

For the life of me, I will never understand why these jokers loose their tempers in the would think they would let their skill set speak for themselves but obviously not. Instead you introduce new fans of the sport to the kind of antics fight organizations try to avoid. No wonder Dana White is being harsh and developing a zero tolerance for cheap shots and rule breakers. Now all White has to do is figure out how to get Anderson Silva to stop show boating...good luck.


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