Rampage vs Sugar



Finally, the fight that should have happened along time ago - is going to happen soon. My reaction to Rampage bailing on the first fight is probably the same as yours. LIKE WHAT THE &^(% is wrong with you Rampage who do you think you are? Denzel Washington!?!

Taking on this movie role was a poor decision to say the least and left many of us in the dark. I was really expecting this fight to take place when it was suppose to and when it didn't I realized just how whack Rampage Whackson was - even if it was for his own personal reasons - which he stated he wanted to do this movie for his dad, as his dad was a major fan of the "A-Team". All I am saying is that younger fans wouldn't know what the hell "A-Team" was - especially if they were not born in the 80's..

Im more than positive Rashad "Sugar" Evans will be on top of his game - ready to put his fist down Rapages throat. You have to wonder just how out of shape Rampage is after doing this movie. I mean walking around the set screaming "I PITY DA FOO" and howling at the moon isn't any type of training method.

This fight is going to be a slug fest - a ground and pound - standup SLUG fest. These two fighters really don't like each other. You have the over confident Evans who's one of those guys that likes to show you rather than tell you and then you got Rampage who will talk so much CRAP you could swear he was wearing a spoiled diaper. I can't wait to see these two go at it.

If statistics were to shed any light on who would win this fight then Evans is going to MURDER Rampage. Evans has 1 draw and 1 loss on his record while Rampage Jackson has...well a lot more losses then Evans. It would be a site to see if Rampage lost and went back to acting. I hear Fraggle Rock and Pee Wee's Playhouse are having casting calls.


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