No One Is Going To Beat Brock



I don't care how much you dis-like Brock Lesner, you have to admit - the man has got the goods. He is freakishly huge and Carwin is going to get his erse handed to him on a plastic platter with a side of molars when they meet.

Sure what's his face beat him with a knee bar, but that was just luck. Ok, well maybe not so much luck it was a technically brilliant submission. So let me retract my first statement. No one will stand toe to toe with Lesner...his hands are heavier than Buick and for his size and speed you would think he was half elephant and cheetah.

Lesner's size makes it hard for him to perform BJJ submissions and his flexibility is limited as a result. Being that he was a wrestling super star his cardio and training regimen keeps him from gassing out unlike some of the other huge guys in MMA *cough* Kimbo  and Sapp* cough*

Speaking of Sapp that's another huge human being. Probably unpopular to those of us here in the United States but hugely popular overseas in China and so forth. Sapp vs Lesner - this was something that I use to express when asked who I would like to see fight Lesner, but again Sapp is a huge wuss and this is after further review of some of his previous fights.

I believe that once Lesner develops the defenses necessary to prevent ridiculous submissions like that of Frank Mirs' knee bar - that he will be a force to wreckin with. He will be known as the best pound for pound in his division...its just a matter of time.


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