Quintin "Ring Rust" Jackson



Well there you have it!! All that talk about doing this and doing that and Jackson didn't do &#^@ for damn near three rounds. Seriously...are you serious...I think I smell a pink slip coming soon. Which is probably stretching it a bit, because I am sure White wants Jackson around for a rematch.

The next fight will be better I can sense it. The reason why Jackson lost this fight and I know damn well he knows why as well - is because he left to do that dumb ass movie "A Team" which is now showing so you guys be sure to go check it out....*COUGH* anyways his stint from the ring for such a long period of time is the exact reason why he was not on top of his game. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots. The longer you are from the ring the more you have to train - without over-training - which means you will never make it back to where you need be IN TIME...well at least in Jacksons case.

Evans congratulations man!! I think the next time you meet ole Jackson you may have your work cut out for you, so that whole pick em apart game plan might not actually work. The thing that Jackson lacked in this fight is pure aggression and the game plan that Evans executed was BRILLIANT. I mean I am sure Jackson thought Evans was going to come in brawl. I doubt Evans would let the anger and dis'taste he has for Jackson get the best of him in any situation.

I wish I could state more, but stating the freaking obvious wouldn't do me any justice and to Jackson - Better luck next time - hopefully you won't take any movie roles as you attempt to get your mma-mojo back - oh and stop talking so much @#*& loosing more fans than Cris Brown...


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