James Toney vs Randy Couture



James Toney is the biggest joke to ever hit MMA, next to Kimbo Slice!! C'mon, here you have a guy who talks "ALL THAT [****] ABOUT MMA" and then runs off to train at Walt Disney Camp...MAN GET OUT OF HERE. Why attempt to learn anything remotely related to MMA or go as far as joining a MMA training camp if all that comes out of your mouth is "Boxing is Better Than MMA". If thats the case stick to the boxing, because last time I checked boxers threw punches and that's it.
Rude awakening coming...
I kinda agree that Dana is creating freak fights here although strikeforce has most of the freaks. This fight was a freak fight, because look, your putting a guy who has never fought MMA in the cage with a [****]ing superstar. No No No No No, that is not how it's done. I mean damn, might as well let Shaq fight, he at least has years of experience in martial arts. NOT!! You have to earn your keep in questions asked, do not pass GO. What the [****] was the point of TUF if people get to bypass it and come straight on in.
Jame Toney, after your loss, I hope you gain a better understand of what it is like to be in the cage and all that goes in to cage fighting. The reason why MMA is better than boxing is because boxing is 1 dimensional while MMA is multi-demensional. The training that artists exerperience on a daily basis is beyond the scope of your recognition as you would never subject yourself to such harsh punishment...your rediculous weight and performance is proof of that.
Eh...I DOUBT IT - because he talks to much [****] and has very little respect for anyone. Including those who give him the opportunity he has with Randy. ToOoo many punches to the head if you ask me. Toney, all the [****] taking is overrated. What do you have to prove and for what reason. You dominated boxing - woohoo - now your just old and overrated. No one wants to argue with you because your hot headed and short one can ask you a real question, because you over-react thinking they are verbally attacking you. Get the [****] out of here with that garbage.
Although Dana White was probably crapping out more bricks than a tetris game while putting this fight together, White already knew the outcome of the fight and knew it was not going to last long. So he made sure he put together a UFC fight worth watching - because we all knew how WHACK this fight was going to be!!! View the clip...


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