The California State Athletic Commission suspended UFC middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen for (1) one year for steroid use following his loss to Anderson Silva.

Reports indicate that Sonnen's tests revealed an imbalance to testosterone to estrogen - which is an indication of the use of steroids.

For those of you living under a rock - obviously like Sonnen has been, is that the use of steroids is a banned substance intolerable by an sport/commission. The use of this banned substance can cause injury to both fighters, but of course after doping up, Sonnen intended to do the inflicting right?

Pretty pathetic if you ask me, here you have two guys with excellent skills in reference to BJJ and you got a guy supp'd up on steroids. When I first heard the reports of how Sonnen was giving Anderson a run for his money - I THOUGHT NO EFFIN WAY. Then this story comes out  and I THOUGHT WAY.

All of the [****] talking Sonnen was doing was probably the uncontrollable impulse from his steroid use. HAHA Sadly to say Sonnen loss by choke out. Hmmmm REMATCH ANYONE...nope sorry not going to happen and by the looks of will be waiting a year or more!!

Sonnen is messing it for everyone else in the MMA league using steroids, increasing the chances of random drug tests and what have you. Lesnar has to be crapping his pants. Just kidding...pun at the fact that some wrestlers used doping methods to maintain their physiques. I am a big fan of Lesnar and I fail to see him loosing anytime soon.

So what does that say about Anderson Silva, that you have to dope yourself up to compete on his level? That is what Sonnen made it seem like. I wonder what the fight would have been like if Sonnen wasn't on the needle. I would assume Silva would have made light work out him earlier on in the round.

It's pretty sad that people have to cheat to get a competitive advantage in any sport. What these athletes are doing is taking away from the sport - robbing the fans of un-tainted entertainment. If I were Dana White I would send Sonnen packing, go join all the other cheaters...looser! I mean he did loose...and that's the most pathetic part of the whole thing. Even with a competitive advantage offered by steroids - he still couldn't come up with a 'W'.


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