Brock Lesnar vs Cain Valasquez: Shame



This was a very disappointing loss for me personally. I predicted that Brock would come out of his corner like a bull and horn Cain in the [***]hole. Puckered up from the pain Cain would lay motionless on the mat as the referee pulled horn fragments out of Cain's [***].

Sadly that didn't happen, instead Cain opened a can crunk juice on a dazed and confused Brock Lesnar. I commend Cain on maintaining his composure and not rushing in to something that would have caused this fight to go opposite his favor.

The truth of the matter and despite Brock Lesnars size, is that Brock is afraid to [****]ing get punched. As most people should be - but - not in this profession. You really need to be on the forefront of your one man army, because if you tuck tail and run who the hell really has your back.

The beginning of the match Brock charged Cain like a freight train - well at least that's what I yelled, then the flying knee launched Cain off the mat and I yelled NASA. Then the tables turned after Brock got caught with an over hand right and it was all down hill from there. The freight train I called him turned in to a short bus full of monkeys. Brock got rocked - fell to the mat - attempted to stand up with the inability to control his balanced made it look like he was on the dodgers baseball field playing a game of dizzy-bat.

The better man won at UFC 121 and I enjoyed the match. I hope to see a rematch between the two heavyweights.  If Brock intends on keeping his relevancy in the UFC he needs to up the ante. Perhaps train with his hands behind his back and get punched in the face until he enjoys it, until he feels no pain and doesn't feel the need to lay on his back like a turtle.

Stop being predictable BROCK!!



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