Race: A Determining Factor in MMA



Mixed Martial Arts is not about RACE and or RACE superiority within MMA. It is the ability to perform that makes a person superior in MMA.

People are always going to be drawn to competition. Whether that be by comparison, competitiveness, agility, power, strength, speed...the list goes on.

When you hear people resorting to negative comments about race in MMA- it's pathetic at most. Un-educated attention trolls is what they are.

If you look at it from a different perspective - when you compare two fighters you will automatically start concluding the versus of the two.

1. Brock vs Cain
2. Power vs Power
3. Power vs Technical Ability
4. Size vs Power
5  White vs Brown
6. Caucasian vs Mexican/Spanish
7. White Power vs Brown Pride

1-4 represent individuals who are educated and posses common sense while 5-7 represent individuals who are poorly educated and or lack common sense when comparing two individuals. Sometimes you can be a 1-4 thinker and when things don't go your way you will drop down to 5-7 in which case that person will defend either side as being more superior in regards to race.

When someone who represents what you are as a RACE you feel as though you must stand up for them/yourself as a race.

We all know that Cain has his tattoo on his chest because he is proud of his heritage and that it has nothing to do with one race being better than the other. It's is a symbol of understanding and gratefulness bestowed upon him through his experience while striving for a better life.

Pathetic and sad is that, individuals feel the need to protect their race when in fact they know nothing about their own race. Who are you  to interject yourself in to something that you don't know anything about....GET A LIFE!



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