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Quintin "Ring Rust" Jackson



Well there you have it!! All that talk about doing this and doing that and Jackson didn't do &#^@ for damn near three rounds. Seriously...are you serious...I think I smell a pink slip coming soon. Which is probably stretching it a bit, because I am sure White wants Jackson around for a rematch.

The next fight will be better I can sense it. The reason why Jackson lost this fight and I know damn well he knows why as well - is because he left to do that dumb ass movie "A Team" which is now showing so you guys be sure to go check ...


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Rampage vs Sugar



Finally, the fight that should have happened along time ago - is going to happen soon. My reaction to Rampage bailing on the first fight is probably the same as yours. LIKE WHAT THE &^(% is wrong with you Rampage who do you think you are? Denzel Washington!?!

Taking on this movie role was a poor decision to say the least and left many of us in the dark. I was really expecting this fight to take place when it was suppose to and when it didn't I realized just how whack Rampage Whackson was - even if it was for his own personal reasons ...


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Kimbo Slice "You Are The Weakest Link"



You know what I have always wondered - what it would take to get kicked out of the UFC. I mean how does Dana White drop the pimp hand when its time to serve walking papers.

Well after Kimbo Slices' poor performance "I NOW SEE". Kimbo really needs to get a grip...the UFC is not like the back yard brawls he is use to and some may even argue, if there were no rules in the UFC Kimbo would wreck shop on them boyz, but I doubt it partner.

His training camp at Mc-Donalds is not doing him any justice. I mean c'mon -  the ...


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Hot Headed Paul Smetex Daley



Daley apologized for the cheap shot after the bell which doesn't excuse his actions.

Daley got dominated and couldn't develop an effective game plan to Koschecks superior wrestling abilities. So what do you do in this sucker punch his ass!! Really...that's one way to show good sportsmanship...NOT!

Daley even boasted about having a game plan for Koscheck whether it be stand up or ground. It didn't seem that way, he let his ego/temper/cockiness get the best of him in this event and it cost him big time.

Donald Trump aka Dana White has since fired Daley from the organization. really messed up Paul, not only ...


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Coming off his devastating defeat off former WEC Featherweight champion Urijah Faber, at last months WEC 48. Current Featherweight champion Jose Aldo is starting to make his claim as one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world. Aldo who won the WEC Featherweight title back in November, 2009 with his second round knock out of then champion Mike Brown. Has improved his record to 17 wins with only one loss including a ten fight winning streak, with six of those wins coming in the WEC organization his only loss which happened back in November, of 2005 when he was just 18 years old.

Aldo ...



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